The Grant-Jones Accountancy Values

Ever since its inception as a business Grant-Jones Accountancy began with the simple vision of being an extraordinary accountancy firm working in partnership with small business so they can achieve great things. That vision has stayed with us now for 16 years and will be our guiding light into the future.

Our values are the same – simple and straightforward. We’ve used the acronym LEAVES to make it clear what we hold dear.

L is for Life-changing

We work in a way that gives to the world. We do this by working hard to help our clients achieve their dreams. Our support for you means we offer videoconferencing and a paperless office. This means wherever you are, we can work together for your success. We also give support, not just for the clients we work for, but people and communities around the world. We teamed up with B1G1 as a ‘Business for Good’. Each time you do business with us we donate to the life-giving work that B1G1 do for the most disadvantaged communities around the world.

E is for Ethical

We have been, and always will be, fair, legal, and honest in our business practices while helping all our clients achieve their goals. 

A is for Accountable

We work hard at trust too. Being trusted by our clients to be honest with them is of paramount importance to us. And we will continue to support and challenge to help them grow. Our practice management system, which ensures a consistent workflow where nothing is overlooked, means we are accountable by gathering information and records where you can see critical deadlines, track progress, respond promptly to questions and have an accurate prediction of when you can expect to receive things from us. This allows you to manage your own time more effectively as well as making sure none of those important details in the financial management of your business gets forgotten. 

V is for Valued Partner

We are not your average accountant. Working with you means we will work in partnership so your business will continue to grow and progress. We’re not just an ‘add-on’, or a ‘nice-to-have’ bonus. Our input will be as if your business is our business, and we value its success. Our testimonials are proof of this. Tobias from Java Whiskers said of our work together, “I can highly recommend Grant-Jones Accountancy if you want to have a strong and trustworthy partner.”

E is for Empowering

We always do all we can to empower our clients. If you feel empowered, you can achieve great things, change your world, and realise your dreams. To further empower you, our practice management system includes a customer portal so you can log in and see all your accounts and tax information online in one place.

S is for Straightforward

Our professional advice is always clear and straightforward. That means transparency in everything we do. Clients rely on us to not surprise them with extra bills or hidden costs. We have embraced technology in this area too by systemising the way your accounts are handled, so they are easy for you to understand.

We live by these values every day, and by doing so we can give everyone an unmatched service.If you’d like to know more about our values and services, contact Grant-Jones today.

Fiona Grant-Jones

As a Management Accountant, I have a proactive focus on the future. I enjoy working with business owners to improve performance through management accounting and forecasting techniques. My knowledge of Tax and Tax planning has supported me in offering a more complete service to our clients. My interests span from the ones that my mother approves of, such as needlecraft and papercraft to the ones she is not so keen on such as scuba diving and skiing!

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